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August 20, 2015

Reviews From Our Davison Guitars Customers (you can also read more testimonials on the home page – scroll down)

davison guitar review

Like other5 star davison guitar review reviews I have read when researching Davison guitars, I was really amazed at how good these guitars are for the price. I did a ton of research and read everything I could find on them. The basic theme of those reviews was that you would not find a better guitar for the price. And that is 100$ true.

I ordered the 9212 Cherry Sunburst model. It looked wonderful in the pictures, but of course I was leary until it arrived. First, when ordering online, you have to be really concerned about shipping and packing. Especially with guitars, and even more so with set neck guitars. I could tell right away the company I ordered from (Musicians Discount Warehouse) knew exactly what they were doing. It was packed perfectly.

So it arrived in perfect condition, the next step was to check out the set up. It was spot on for most players. No buzz, not neck issues. Perfect. I normally expect to adjust a guitar when I get it and that is actually normal — things happen with temperature etc. during shipment. But this one at least was perfect.

I tuned it up and plugged it and it was all good. I some people replace the stock pickups to their pickups of choice, but for now I am very happy with the guitar as it came and am going to just leave this as is and rock it!

Danny in Laton UT

5 star davison guitar reviewJust got my 602 model with the P-90’s.  Holy moley, this thing is great. I saw the demo video on Youtube and that sort of convinced me. I wanted the red but that was sold out – darn – but got the vintage sunburst, and I think now that is even better.

The guitar feels and looks top knotch. The wood grains show right thru and the tuners are surprisingly responsive. I had ready a really positive review of this on Harmony Central which game some confidence. I think the coolest part is showing it to my friends. No one can believe I paid well below $200 for this baby.

I really hope Davison keeps making these and other models like it. It is excellent to have a low cost alternative. I feel like I am paying for a guitar, not just some name. There is obviously a reason people are buying these in droves. It is hard to imagine a better guitar at this price.

Bill in Spring Lake, IA

beginner guitar value pack

5 star davison guitar reviewBeen teaching guitar for over 8 years now and after seeing a few of these come in with students I have to say I am impressed.  It really is hard to believe they can make a guitar like this for under $100 and include an amp? It’s almost scary. There are a lot of guitars that do not include the amp, case, etc. in that price range that are not as good. Even better, it does appear that Davison sets up each guitar before shipment. Would expect to have to do some sort of set up on these but pretty much all it seems you have to do is open the box and tune it.

The best endorsement I can give is that when it came time for me to recommend a guitar for my nephew, I told him to go to Amazon and order one of these.

Mario in Santa Clara

5 star davison guitar reviewI think I read about 100 reviews of different guitars before settling on this one from Davison.  My twin boys wanted to start lessons and I did not want to break the bank on an expensive guitar if it was going to end up in the closet like so many others do after a few weeks.

We got the blue one and my it is great looking. It was packed well and came with everything they needed to play. They take lessons after school and the teacher thinks highly of the guitar. The only bad part is they both want to play now all the time so I have to buy another!

Carmen in Orlando, FL

5 star davison guitar reviewI bought the Davison guitar online from MDW it was here in just two days. The guitar was packed up really well (double boxed) and all I literally had to do was tune it up and it was ready to go. The 9880 model plays great and looks great too. I’ve always wanted a double cutaway, but never wanted to spend the money it took to get a decent one. The Davison made the decision easy.

The neck is a real player — sturdy but not chunky and the rosewood on the board just plays great. I guess my favorite part is the finish though. This thing just looks sooooo good.

The Davison 9880 is a great addition to my collection! 

Brian in Portland, ME

5 star davison guitar reviewI love my Davison bass – crazy low price and compares to ones in stores that cost twice as much. I had a quick question about how to tune and emailed them and had an answer almost immediately. I was shocked. Can not not get a better bass at this price anywhere!!

Rita in AZ

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